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EVA Suit Emergency
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Emergency scenario, where an astronaut has an oxygen leak in their space suit and other astronauts repair the leak.
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Storyboard Description
Here the idea is to repair an oxygen leak from a fellow astronaut suit. The leak will be present in places where teamwork is required. The scenario follows an emergency situation that should be completed within a specific time frame to ensure success.

One of the astronauts gets a tear in their EVA suit and notices oxygen levels dropping. They are first tasked with communicating the problem to other fellow astronauts. The fellow astronauts are tasked with identifying where the leak is (in the case that the affected astronaut cannot), and need to assess the situation. The severity of the leak will determine the next course of action. If the leak is weak, and the station is near, then the astronaut could be transported rapidly inside a pressurized chamber. If the leak is major, then fellow astronauts are tasked with repairing it,  using an in-game suit repair kit asset.  Once the suit has been repaired, the assisting astronauts must further assess together with the affected astronaut, whether a refill of EVA suit's oxygen tanks is required. The refill action/task is to be performed by using an in-game emergency refill oxygen tank asset, which consists of a nozzle that can be attached to the affected astronaut's EVA suit.

In this scenario, we explore the case where the tear is quite severe, there is a considerable amount of oxygen loss, and hence a refill of the oxygen tanks after the repair job is required.

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