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Medical Operations Management during EVA on Mars
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Our XR scenario leverages interactive storytelling to engage the user in the management of a medical emergency during an EVA on Mars.
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Storyboard Description
In this scenario, two astronauts (Alex and Morgan) are performing an EVA operation on the Mars surface (partial gravity), walking between two locations, when there is an explosion near Alex and a sharp object perforates her/his space suit on the left forearm.

No traumatic injury occurred to the astronauts, and the site of the explosion (a rover) had a little smoke but no visible fire. There is a small tear on Alex's suit, and she/he is concerned about decompression. The astronauts started the protocol for Partial-Gravity Surface Rescue and Decompression Sickness based on the NASA Exploration EVA System ConOps.

This XR scenario will have a pre-build digital human (astronaut Morgan) with pre-scripted conversational content (questions & answers). The scenario user will play the role of the second astronaut (Morgan), and his/her mission is to manage the medical event and help Alex.

Communication between the astronauts on EVA and the other crew members on the sanctuary of the habit is disrupted.

We will use interactive storytelling and branching narratives to allow the user to make their own decision, see their consequences, then "re-play" the XR experiences and see how different decisions would cause different outcomes. The user will interact with the scenario by selecting options prompted by the system. When a "talk" action is chosen, the user's avatar will speak the selected script.

Task length, decision correctness, and cognitive workload will be measured.

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