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3 ways to collect a rock core sample
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Use the drive tube to collect a rock core sample.
Record descriptions in a field notebook.
Label and stow the samples in a container.
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Storyboard Description
Our scenario is focused on the rock samples collection. We describe steps needed to collect rock samples for three various cases: drilling down, break off and picking up stones from surface.

We are proposing to use a sensor with multiple modes, each having own color. This approach would allow to distinguish type of equipment needed for certain sample, as well as mark it automatically on the tablet and ease the entering of collection data into the log.

We assume that trainings will be let by dedicated instructors, and therefore added section mentioning instructor workplace features. We briefly described what activities we expect instructors to perform and what capabilities do they have.

We also described metrics we propose to use in order to evaluate scenario results.

Also presented is a list of faults and problems that may arise during the scenario. Some of these are assumed to be instructor-initiated, some are simply malfunctions and problems caused by misbehaving astronauts.

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