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Basic maintenance of various elements like the habitat, solar panels and the rover.
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This storyboard is focused on doing maintenance tasks in the habitat. The three tasks that have been planned are:
• Habitat maintenance: The astronauts will have to check that all the systems of the habitat are correctly working, and will have to replace the filters from the oxygen generator to continue with an optimal production. Also, it will have to search for leaks in the pipe, and fix them.
• CENTAUR rover maintenance: The astronauts will need to check that the CENTAUR rover is working properly, and repair it in case that it’s not. In this case, one of the wheels will be damaged, and will need to be replaced.
• Solar panels maintenance: The third thing to take care of are the solar panels. The habitat will have detected a decrease in the electricity production. To increase the effectivity, the astronauts will need to clean the solar panels using the compressed air cleaning tool and the mop. When they have finished, they will see an increase in the performance, but not the one that they expected. To ensure that everything is working, they will then need to check that the cables are in good condition (using visual inspection and other electrical tools, like detecting if there’s current in the cable using a hall sensor). A wire will turn out to be damaged, and the astronauts will have to replace it.

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