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VR Immersive Journey for the Mars Missions
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VR training app simulates human survival in Mars. It includes interactive scenarios for mission planning, disasters, explorations and more.
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Storyboard Description
The VR Immersive Journey for the Mars Missions is a virtual reality application designed to help NASA prepare for human exploration on Mars. It features 400 km2 of realistic Mars terrain, full Martian day and night cycles, realistic weather conditions, and Martian gravity. The software will enable NASA to evaluate aspects of future missions, including crew size, health and performance procedures, and necessary equipment. Users will be able to interact with assets like habitats, spacesuits, and tools, as well as participate in tasks such as sample collection, habitat maintenance, and rover operations. The experience is designed to be non-linear, allowing users to explore multiple scenarios and training elements. With the VR Immersive Journey, NASA can simulate and test various aspects of human exploration on Mars, making it an invaluable tool for planning and preparing for future missions.

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