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Stormy Collection Scenario
short description
Teams will navigate difficult terrain using waypoint devices, which will be needed to return safely once a dust storm blocks visibility.
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Storyboard Description
In this scenario, a Mars Ingenuity-type helicopter drone has located a very promising rock sample with an interesting coloration. It is located far enough away from the habitat module that a team will need to use the MM SEV to reach the area. However, the area immediately around the sample is filled with jagged rocks and deep sand, so the final navigation to the site will need to be done using EVA suits.

Further complicating matters is the fact that a massive dust storm is predicted in the area which will severely reduce visibility and potentially rebury the sample. Collectors will need to carefully traverse the terrain outside the vehicle to find a safe path to the sample, marking their route with waypoints to assist their return trip should the storm produce adverse conditions. They will need to collect the sample and return to the SEV.

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