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Finding biosignatures on Mars with an AI glider
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A multiplayer simulated activity in which astronauts interface with a AI glider to identify evidence of fossilized life.
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Storyboard Description
The following storyboard was created to apply to the first stage of NASA’s MarsXR 2 Challenge. The story is set in the initial stages of human exploration on Mars.

It describes a concept for a multiplayer simulated activity within which astronauts interface with a Martian glider that is embedded with advanced sensing capabilities and onboard machine learning (ML) to identify evidence of fossilized life from an aerial perspective. The glider identifies fossilized bacterial mat candidates that prompt astronauts to explore regions and potential evidence of life within Mars’ expansive tundra.

This simulation concept was inspired by a recent Nature article;
Orbit-to-ground framework to decode and predict biosignature patterns in terrestrial analogues.

The Storyboard screens were created within NASA’s XOSS Unreal 5 environment with existing and custom created assets.

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