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Emergency Procedures during EVA's
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Scenarios present a series of emergency response requirements for the EVA member to meet the metrics of Safety and Emergency Response.
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Storyboard Description
Emergency Procedures – Rescue scenarios
The story board is developed to train the EVA member to handle emergencies encountered with procedures in a sequential, exact and timely manner.
The main principals that are followed in all Emergency Procedure Scenarios in the story board.
1. Stop and Think
2. Identify Hazards
3. Assess Risk
4. Control Hazards
5. Proceed
Several incidents were developed in the scenarios given.
1. Vehicle roll over.
2. Pressure suit rupture
3. Malfunction of pressure suite
4. Medical emergency
Levels of response by the member could be graded on the following
1. Level 1 Personnel at risk of immediate or further injury, require life support or immediate attention.

2. Level 2 No personnel at immediate risk of injury, equipment that sustains or assists in maintaining the habitability of the community (life support) is at risk or has been compromised.

3. Level 3 Equipment not required for habitat support is at risk of being damaged or has been damaged (experimental or test equipment).

Key Assets that are added to the scenario.
1. Autonomous vehicle is required for remote rescues
2. Emergency gear pack available at front of suite to allow member access to emergency supplies.
3. Autonomous vehicle carries 8 hr. of survival supplies.
4. Each member carries an emergency umbilical cable.
In development of further scenarios, a scenario should address that assistance cannot be attempted due to the hazards to the rescuer.

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