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On Level Ground
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Buildings require a level, flat, and debris free building site. This scenario describes using a box grader to level the construction site.
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Storyboard Description
New building and construction sites will require surface areas that are flat, level and debris free. Adding automatic or adjustable leveling devices to the structures themselves only adds to structural complexity and weight.

The box grader shown is a piece of equipment used for earthmoving and grading. It consists of a large blade that can be adjusted to different angles and heights to level the ground or move soil around.

Using a box grader in conjunction with laser leveling is a technique used to precisely level a construction site. The laser level controller emits a laser beam that is used to measure the height of different points on the ground. This information is then used to guide the grading equipment to create a perfectly level surface.

Using lasers guidance insures that the ground is graded to the exact specifications required. Which can be especially critical for nuclear power stations, scientific laboratories, and spacecraft landing pads where leveling precision is key.

Roads between facilities will also need to be constructed. A level roads allows for safer and quicker transport of goods and materials between locations.

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