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Mars Camp 1
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Mars Camp 1 simulates the initial human mission on Mars. Mars Camp 1 simulates various technologies and factors for Mars made in UE5.1.1.
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Mar Camp 1 storyboard presents an overview of an initial human Mars base simulation with already made Unreal Engine 5 3D digital model assets, and two scenarios for simulation. One scenario focus is an oxygen production plant using Mars ISRU. The second scenario focuses on an algae bioreactor producing food and oxygen using Mars ISRU. All of the assets currently operate in Unreal Engine 5.1.1 virtual reality mode. Several assets have Blue Prints to animate and conduct various tasks.
An actual site on Mars is used as the simulation site in the Unreal Engine 5.1.1 virtual reality site. The simulation site is based on the 400sqkm requirements of the Challenge and has an initial Mars landscape. The simulation site is 400sqkm in Unreal Engine.
The storyboard shows examples of asset interactions that currently operate in Unreal Engine 5 virtual reality including: player movement on landscape, Non Player Character walking and exploring landscape, player can select various tools to fix equipment, player using tools can collect icy rock samples, player has HUD on helmet screen showing O2 level and tasks to perform, a NASA VIPER vehicle roams sensing for H2O, a NASA type excavator gathers Mars soil and rocks for processing in the O2 plant. Interactions to be added include fix equipment and going into habitat and lava tube.
Future development of Mars Camp 1 simulation entails improved realism and animations of assets including player interactions with O2 plant and Algae Bioreactor.

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