Operation Blue Sky Participants,

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for submitting your innovations to the Operation Blue Sky: Aboriginal Health Initiative. The competition is now closed and we are very excited to begin our review of your great ideas!

We also wanted to ensure that you’re aware of these forthcoming events in this challenge:

August 17, 2015 – September 16, 2015

Our evaluation panel will go over all of the submissions and assess them.

September 30, 2015 – October 14, 2015

All finalists are announced and the voting period will open. This voting period is for the People’s Choice Award. Innovators are urged to do everything they can to get votes. A follow-up email will be sent to all participants at the start of the voting period.


Tips on Receiving Votes

  • Be proud to ask someone to vote for you - after all, you are a finalist!
  • Have all of your team members share the challenge on their social media feeds, soliciting readers to vote for you. In your social media posts, include the title of your submission and the challenge URL.
  • Make a solicitation video inviting viewers to go vote for you and share it on your social media.
  • Plan a live event that attracts prospective voters. At the event, provide attendees with the ability to vote for your entry.
  • Produce promotional materials with voting instructions for anyone whom is interesting in voting.

November 4, 2015

The winning innovation(s) will be announced on this date via our challenge page and through email notifications.

If you have any questions regarding the challenge, please don’t hesitate to ask us directly or leave a comment on our challenge page comment thread.

Kind regards,

Clayton Norris

Laurel Wood