Greetings space enthusiasts, future engineers and innovative thinkers!

Thank you again for taking the time to submit your brilliant space toilet designs to the Lunar Loo Challenge - Junior Category! The NASA team had a wonderful time reviewing the nearly 900 submissions we received from individuals and teams around the world. After many weeks of discussion, we have narrowed down all of your creative solutions to the top 3 from each age category that will receive the awards:

Under 11 category:

  1. Tied:
    1. Artemis Easy Loo (AEL) - submitted by Arun George John's son, Joel John Arun
    2. Spacesuit Lunar Toilet - Pei Yong Tan
  2. The Cosmic Loo - Grace Hespenheide
  3. The Lavabo Throne - Moon Scientists

Runner Ups:

Ages 11 to 14 category:

  1. The UniPump System - Junior team
  2. L∞P - Infinity LOO-P team
  3. The CosmoCommode-An Artificial Gravity Toilet - Bodhi Chiravuri

Runner Ups:

Ages 15 to 17 category

  1. A bladed toilet. - Edison Yau Yik Hang
  2. Earth-Based Space Toilet (EBST) - Justin Hagen
  3. AutoLETs with Hygiene & Cleanliness - TECHNO-NERDS team

Runner Ups:

Congratulations to the winners! We wish we could have awarded all of the submissions received, but we are confident that all of you will go on to do amazing things in your futures. Never give up on your dreams!

We look forward to highlighting these winners further and seeing you all at the winners’ webinar on October 28th!