After multiple rounds of rigorous judging, we are excited to share the winners of the Lunar Loo Challenge - Technical Category!

At the submission deadline, we had received over 2,000 submissions from individuals and teams across the globe. There were many innovative designs and approaches to solving our toilet challenge that made it difficult for our judging panel to select the top 3 winners. Following much discussion and deliberation, here are the submissions that will be awarded the cash prizes:

  1. Boone Davidson's team, THRONE (Translunar Hypercritical Repository 1) - $20,000 award
  2. Thatcher Cardon's team, Individualized Collapsible Astronaut Toilet (ICAT) - $10,000 award
  3. Franziska Wülker, Centrifugal Lunar Toilet by Duravit AG - $5,000 award

NASA wanted to highlight a couple of honorable mentions as well:

Congratulations to the winners! NASA will be discussing what will happen with their designs during our webinar today.

Also, we would like to take this moment to send a sincere thank you to everyone who participated in this challenge. While only 3 winners were awarded, the team was very impressed with many of the proposals that were reviewed. We encourage you to keep innovating and solving problems such as these in other crowdsourcing opportunities.

We look forward to highlighting these winners further and seeing you all at the winners’ webinar in a few hours!