Hello HeroXers,


again we want to thank you for that incredible response and creative idea submissions to our Light Up Your Ride Challenge! 

Our judging team has selected the top 3 submissions that most closely align with the criteria and intent of this challenge. We are delighted to announce the following winners. 


Congratulations! Here are the top 3 ideas:

1.            Lumilink - a modular headlamp that can share light sources. https://www.herox.com/LightUpYourRide/team/23657  (Taipei, Taiwan)

2.            Optical Lane Assistent (OLA) - headlamp that projects an illuminated line on the street to better estimate the outer limit of the car https://www.herox.com/crowdsourcing-community/michels-285269 (Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany)

3.            Headsup Lighting - a lighting system that identifies the driver's vision, comprising an eye-tracking device in the car https://www.herox.com/crowdsourcing-community/darren-234593  (Budapest, Hungary)


We will now continue to build on the ideas and setup development projects to validate the feasibility.  

To the winners: please have a look for further communications from HeroX in order to complete the rewarding. 
Beyond the winners, we also have many honorary mentions. These interesting and creative submissions are also worth rewarding! 

If you do not hear from us, please note that we are very grateful for your interest and wish you all the best in your endeavours. 

Thank you for your commitment and your ideas to path the way to a new, unique external lighting mod.