Race to Reduce Space Waste and Galactic Garbage

Space waste is a growing, pressing issue that has great minds and researchers working on developing a modern, and sustainable solution. With the power of hundreds of thousands mini microbes, we may have ways to reduce, renew, reconfigure, and reuse materials and items deemed space trash. Manipulating mangetizism and gravity to move mega mayerials that can be forged, redesigned, replenished, and restocked for building supplies, repairs, and retrofitting. With the help of a team, we have the power and brains to create a substainable system that will allow future space travelers an opportunity to create new technologies and methods for being less wasteful. We will learn valuable lessons by contruction a work lab that will analysis and allows us to change, pressure, temperateuw, abd apply electromagnetic forces to remove, rebuild, and reinvent easier ways of managing waste. Any hazardous materials could aslo be exaimied in the lab and processed or altered through decompostion procwesses, catalytical enzymes, and other various methods of reconstructing and distributing problematic chemical and compounds. Through this discovery and exploration we will make certain to observe and take very good notes and data to see our progress. If you like to be a part of the solution in space colonization and waste management, please contact me, Kelsey and will can create this for the future. Thank you.