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The Struggles of 1896
One of the most legendary time periods in North American history was the gold rush, and most of us have heard tales of its hardships and the frontiersmen that braved them. Just think: every person traveling to the storied goldfields of the Yukon Territory were required to take along one year’s worth of supplies, relying on nothing more than a string of pack mules or sled dogs to bear the burden. Imagine your U-Haul (and everything in it) becoming dinner for a grizzly, halfway to your new home. Awesome.

Additionally, even the supplies dealers were ruthless, prone to absurd price gouging and relentless up-selling. There were also many popular how-to books for the budding prospector. if there weren’t enough ways for things to go wrong already, most of these books were written by people that were never in the wilderness, let alone the Yukon. Talk about starting at a disadvantage.

Luckily, times have changed for gold miners -- but time for you to make a change is running out! The deadline for the Integra Gold Rush Challenge is Tuesday, Dec. 1st at 11:59pm PST/2:59am EST!