The Imperfection Detection Challenge seeks portable tools to non-destructively evaluate the condition of existing fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite structures. This is a difficult task and, as of yet, no Phase 2 team has been able to characterize defects on the supplied FRP panel.

Four of the five Phase 2 teams submitted reports of their development efforts and capabilities to date and no team was able to meet the challenge requirements. The four teams were asked to share how much time they would require to meet the challenge requirements and only two teams were able to provide a timeline estimate at this time.

Reclamation and USACE are inviting these two teams to participate in a Phase 2A. These teams will each receive an additional ~6 months of development time as well as $15,000 to support additional procurement of materials. Near the end of Phase 2A, each team will receive a second instalment of $15,000 upon successful completion of a mutually agreed upon milestone. At which time, Phase 2 evaluations and Phase 3 will continue as initially planned.

We would like to commend all five Phase 2 teams for their efforts to date.