Over the past several months, you have participated in a unique challenge hosted by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA). Together, we’ve watched multiple world events unfold before us and celebrated your work along the way with numerous Milestone awards. We thank you for your efforts.  


After completing the final calculations, we are thrilled to announce the overall winners of the Geopolitical Forecasting Challenge. 

1st Place: DigitalDelphi 

2nd Place: BEEFERS 

3rd Place: Catskills Research Company 

4th Place: truthLover 

5th Place: SISLers 

Ultimate Forecaster: no winner 

Star Forecaster: BEEFERS 

And here are the Additional Prize Winners in specific categories.  Congratulations! 

Election Forecaster: DigitalDelphi 

Domain Region Prizes 

  • Politics/International Relations & Middle East: truthLover 
  • Geopolitical Grab Bag & Asia: Catskills Research Company 
  • Macroeconomics/Finance & Europe: LIA 
  • Politics/International Relations & Europe: BEEFERS 
  • Politics/International Relations & Asia: truthLover