Dear solvers,

We’re so excited to announce the winners of Milestone 2 of the GF Challenge!

The top 10 Solvers with the highest score in this Milestone category will each receive $1,000. As a reminder, a minimum participation in 80% of the total IFPs resolved within the Milestone 2 period was required to be eligible for this prize. The winners are:

  1. Citizensband
  2. SISLers
  3. Catskills
  4. Dobreovidiu
  5. DigitalDelphi
  6. truthLover
  7. Seb
  9. Pb2pv
  10. LIA

Didn’t make it this round? Don’t feel discouraged — Milestone 3 began July 1st and continues through September 7th. This Milestone will offer the top 10 Solvers with the highest score a prize of $1250 each! That’s a total prize pool of $12,500. 

Forecast on!

GF Challenge Team