Did you know there are up to 15 ways to win your share of the GF Challenge’s $200k prize purse? It’s not just about placing in the top five, you have many other chances of winning:

  • Spring Forecaster Award - $2,400 split amongst the Top 3 Solvers for IFPs that open during the month of April and resolve by June 20
  • Milestone Awards – The first milestone is scheduled to close on April 30. The top 10 Solvers on the Leaderboard will win their share of $7,500! As of today, there are only 14 active forecasters in the Cultivate Labs Production environment – so it’s very possible that you could share in the first milestone award
  • Best in Domain/Region pairings – We have selected five domains/regions that you could focus a portion of your method slots on or that may be more suited to your interests. This is an opportunity for you to win your share of $25,000 for the being the best in a specific domain/region pairing
  • Election Forecaster Award – The top Solver in all election-related questions (IFPs) will get an opportunity to win $10,000 at the end of the challenge

Don't miss out on your opportunity to compete for the awards that are closing this month! For more details and eligibility requirements on these additional prize incentives, check out the HeroX Guidelines tab.