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Be a Superhero, the Game
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A game to role play being a superhero. Play as a mobile game or with playing cards that present challenging life situations to solve.
Robin Rowe is a futurist and a technologist. As a game developer he designed the real-time animation technology that Mattel uses to produce their hit series Barbie Vlogger, a cartoon with the message that girls can accomplish anything. See video link for an example from this series.
This project as another opportunity for me to be of service. I founded a project that gives free laptops to the homeless in Los Angeles. I've given away dozens of donated laptops. Without a laptop, it's difficult to apply online for work or to bootstrap a business. It is an emotional experience giving a laptop to someone in desperate need. They often cry, are hardly able to believe that anyone will help them.
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The superhero space is a place of empowerment and hope.
What would a superhero do? Example challenge question: Given that there is no electricity in a village, how would you keep everyone's mobile phone charged? Solution 1: Get an old alternator, perhaps from a junk car, and attach it to a windmill that you build. Charge a small fee for charging phones so you can save money to buy hardware to make more charger windmills.
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