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Foldable Hub
short description
Vũ Quang Thành
Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh city
Deeply interested in the efforts to benefit community, protection and care for children, poverty alleviation, climate change, conservation of nature and animals.
This proposal seeks a basic idea for creating diverse spaces from simple sustainable components.
Similar to paper crafting, they can be “folded” into many space forms from a few modules, inflated from flat sheet and maximized arrangement in container

It creates the basic way to open the potential innovations for forming space
It can create many styles of form suitable for local culture, regional climate and terrain
It is a combination of pre-fabricated components and local materials and can build diverse spaces fit local needs
Optional: Visuals Upload (Design)
A. Foldable component
1. Panels
The panels with appropriate shape, are framed, linked together by the bearing hinges. They can flip back and forth like wings of window, with 360 degrees hinge category, the panels can flip overlap
2. Linkage and spread
To lock the flipping , use the latch to fix the panels when the angles between wings are appropriate. From discreet panels, they can be linked together and form into a large sheet that can be folded or spread out
3. Folding up the space

B. Expandable container
Boxes inside box, the rooms can be pulled out like drawers from container

C. Combination of A and B

D. Completion
Use local materials to cover the gaps or roofing additional layers of external materials, finish interior and MEP (tilling, pipeline, wire...)
Project Plan - PDF

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requirements :
-size: It maximizes the ability to form space from container capacity
-temperature controls & power connectivity & locally sourced materials:
The combination of external materials and panels creates the insulation cavities that limit the affecting of outside temperatures to the inside
usable for the local Impact Teams: It can build diverse spaces fit local needs
Allow for a variety of functions: It can create very variety form of room spaces that meet most of requirements of function
Does the design make the best possible use of the space available? Yes, It maximizes the ability to form space from container’s capacity
Does the design proposal invoke inspiration?
-It has the same creative potentials as the art of paper folding for forming architecture space
The forms of space created are very diverse but from a few types of simple units
It is convenient for mass production, the price will be decreased
It is a combination of pre-fabricated components and local materials and can build diverse spaces fit local needs
Can the Project Plan be executed on a small budget?
With just simple accessories such as hinges, latchs, frames and appropriate panels , they can be form a creative hub

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