Peer Support to Increase College Part...
What's the problem? Why is it important to solve?
I recently came across a New York Times article which detailed an incredible partnership between two seemingly far apart schools: the prestigious Ethical Culture Fieldston School and University Heights, a school 6 miles away in one of the poorest school districts in The United States. The two schools for the past eight or so years have organized programs for their students to interact and learn from each other, taking away entirely new perspectives. In 2007, 23 Philadelphia public schools had graduation rates of less than 60% while 13 had one of less than 50%. This challenge would be for someone to design a curriculum for students from schools with 100% graduation rates to interact with those from schools whose graduation rates are half of that. The curriculum should talk about social issues, be fun and interactive, and above all try to encourage students to graduate--whether that be through from students from the schools' with the high graduation rates tutoring the other children or just being a friend to help the other child through. Graduating will open a litany of new doors to students as the importance of the knowledge and opportunities it brings can not be overstated. More so, the students from the schools with the high graduation rates I feel will learn just as much as the other students through this connection. Overall though, this interaction will be beneficial to all who are involved while hopefully bringing happiness and any needed help to all students involved.


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