Global Gigabit Solutions

We are solving some of the City of Austin's and Global problems through the use of Design Thinking, Serious Game Design, and Cognitive Computing. Our AR/VR/AI Curriculum is created and tested by at-risk high school students who then will demonstrate their best solutions to specific problems.
Our EdTech team creates global learning experiences that bridges social and geographical boundaries for Austin’s next generation of Civic Leaders.
We teach students and professionals to develop VR/AR/AI applications of the future through this global EdTech ecosystem.
A current project allows the students to visit rich cultural heritage sites in Austin and collaborate with at-risk students in Lithuania and solve complex problems without a budget that supports leaving the classroom.
Another project, Global Health, and Wellness will allow a nurse-in-training to practice a stress reducing procedure without a live patient in their hospital. Students will prototype a chat-bot to enable this service.