Join us to hear from the NASA team and your fellow HeroX community members - join in for a great conversation about the Future of Aviation!


Join the NASA Convergent Aeronautics Solutions Project team and our brilliant winners of the Future-scaping Our Skies Challenge. We'll dive into their expectations for the Future of Aviation.

*Our Winners*
Kenji Larsen, Team Sparkletron - Turbologic Density Interop
Matthew Congrove - Open Source and the Future of Aviation
Craig Payne - A look at the world of U.S. Aviation in 2051
Jeff Morse - Stars and scars: a tale of two air systems
Finn Russom - Sustainable Skies: Aviation in a United World
Ned Popovic - Better Tomorrow and Future of Aviation
Urban EVTOL, LLC (, @urbanevtol) - Urban eVTOL Futurescape
B Dawson - Re-Learning to Fly
Jes Foster - Sovereign Skies