We are proud to announce the winners in the Future-scaping Our Skies Challenge on behalf of NASA’s Convergent Aeronautics Solutions. With the thoughtful insights generated by this crowdsourced think tank effort, NASA might better anticipate the many forces of change that will shape our society and aviation in the 20-30 years.

The Future-Scaping Our Skies Challenge explored the ways that societal, technological, environmental, economic, regulatory, and political changes over the next 30 years could impact aviation. 

We’ll sit down with the NASA Convergent Aeronautics Solutions Project team on August 5th at 10:00 am ET for a webinar to meet the winners and hear about their visions for the future of aviation… please join us!

Register: https://bit.ly/3i6DmFt


Future-scaping Our Skies Winners

First place:  $7,500 - Kenji Larsen, Team Sparkletron - Turbologic Density Interop

Second place:  $5,000 - Matthew Congrove - Open Source and the Future of Aviation

Third place:  $2,500 - Craig Payne - A look at the world of U.S. Aviation in 2051

Fourth place:  $2,500 - Jeff Morse - Stars and scars: a tale of two air systems

Fifth place:  $1,000 - Finn Russom - Sustainable Skies: Aviation in a United World

Sixth place:  $1,000 - Ned Popovic - Better Tomorrow and Future of Aviation

Seventh place:  $500 - Urban EVTOL, LLC (urbanevtol.com, @urbanevtol) - Urban eVTOL Futurescape

Eighth place:  $500 - B Dawson - Re-Learning to Fly

Ninth place:  $500 - Jes Foster - Sovereign Skies


We would like to congratulate our winners and thank everyone who participated in this challenge.  We appreciate your very thoughtful and insightful perspectives. 

Thank you all for helping make this effort a huge success!