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The credible adventure of Gamma Fishes
short description
If light particles were fishes, they would be gamma fishes. What will happen if light fishes find a black hole?
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Black holes are fascinating objects. They are so massive that their gravitational field overwhelms all the other forces in the Universe. Light particles are also very special, nothing can move faster than the speed of light. We wanted to make a short story that related both natural phenomena.

We thought about making a cartoon because it gives us the opportunity to approach adults, children, scientists and non scientists. When people read a cartoon, they immediately accept that fishes can appear on the television, or that light particles can be fishes.

This drawing was made with a technical pen, ink and watercolors over paper and a lot of love. We did not have the equipments to make a beautiful night picture and we did not want to copy or improve any celestial image from the internet. A drawing could give us the freedom we needed to invent an imaginative story.

The message is clear: If you get close to a black hole, then stay away!, because you will not be able to scape.

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We choose to talk about black holes because they are very strange objects and it is very hard to explore them. Scientists can't directly observe black holes with telescopes; its presence is inferred by detecting their effect on other matter nearby. These effects can be very spectacular, for example devouring nearby stars.

As Venezuelans, we are aware of how important and complicate it is to transmit information to people who did not receive a proper education. For this reason, we decided to create a comic that can simply explain the behavior of a black hole and light particles. We wanted to show live in space in a similar fashion to live in our planet, that's why we gave a personality to light particles, representing them as gamma fishes.

There are many interesting topics in relation to space exploration, but the next subject we would like to write about is black matter or gravity.

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