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Mystical-Moon poem -the illustrated visual version
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Illustrated version of my first submission here.Enclosed is an experimental form of Lunar and inner space exploration outside silence.
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This is an attempt to make a lunar journey in a time machine back to mysticism, magic, mythology, Kabbalah and alchemy . The text is designed as a poetic laboratory programmed to lead science and technology through rites, dreams and passages of another imaginary moon dreaming what was once impossible to reach, so that we could create now a new holistic lunar experience that gives respect to our long longing towards that mysterious entity.
'Revelations of reminiscences of the twilights of my lost Lesser light' dares to reread and redream the moon through a totally different journey that goes back in time –starting from the very genesis of first creation. The poem covers the time line from the fourth day of creation to the first historical landing on the moon. In this avant-garde space and lunar exploration, the reader is taken to other mysterious dimensions developed in remote antiquity. This is an exploration to hidden territories in the subconscious universal dark side of the moon.
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The poems combines the realms of mythology, metaphysics, occult & spirituality with the spheres of poetry, theology & supernatural, portraying thus an esoteric moon that is still to be explored.
The poem portrays this hidden, almost forgotten moon, through an endless series of names, never mentioning the enigmatic planet in its most common name, but presenting it as the silvery mirror that reflects the subtotal of all our imaginations.
This multidimensional poem makes use of pluralistic resources from classic literature to pop lyrics, incorporating echoes from beat poetry &biblical passages, Following this rich mosaic of the imagined lunar expedition, the reader might transform his mind through a ritualistic and liturgical lunatic laboratory that is about to make him hyper associative and almost moonstruck. Thus he is invited into an alternative suggestive lunar exploration that strives to create a different state of expanded mind – breaking every convention about the moon .

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