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New moon; Mystical-mythological lunar revelations
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My creative Lunar Initiatives assumes that a creative project must be first imagined. I therefore try to use poetry to dare dream lunarly .
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My creative Lunar Initiatives assumes that before a problem can be solved – it must be imagined. I therefore try to use the Art of poetry and the interdisciplinary humanities in the spirit of liberal arts to dare dream the impossible. The text is designed as a poetic laboratory programmed to lead science and technology through rites dreams & passages of another imaginary moon dreaming what was once impossible to reach so that we could create now new holistic lunar experience that gives respect to our long longing towards that mysterious entity.
'Revelations of reminiscences of the twilights of my lost Lesser light' dares to reread and redream the lost moon through a totally different journey that goes back in time – starting from the very genesis of first creation.
The end result is not meant to disqualify in any way present achievements of science and technology, but to compliment them with deeper older dimensions taken from ancient remote layers of the envisioned lost moon

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