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Traveling Wave
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The traveling wave is myself & music A story like cover and title to show what it may look like as an illustration story.
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Well, gravitational wave also travels through space, which are a result of a vibration or movement in gravitational fields. A wave can be transverse or longitudinal. Transverse waves occur when a disturbance creates oscillations that are perpendicular to the propagation of energy transfer. I related my picture with Traveling waves and music an came up with this combination of idea.
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Music can Travel in Space.
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    The Lunar Initiatives moderator Nov. 15, 2015, 12:09 p.m. PST
    Hi! Thanks for your Flash Art entry. I went to the FB site and you have a lot of images there!! Would you kindly select the particular image you are entering in our Flash Art contest and attach it here? Or you can edit your entry and attach the image that way (even better)..
    Many thanks, The Lunar Initiatives.