Dear EthicsNet Guardians' Challenge enthusiasts,

I hope that you have enjoyed a super weekend. 

September is already here, and so it is time to declare our amazing winners. 

There were a great number of high-quality submissions, and even the more straightforward ones often held some very enlightening points.

It was a tremendous challenge to pick our winners, and it took a lot of deliberation. However, the following contenders offered ideas or solutions which we recognised as particularly pertinent to the problem space as described.

Congratulations to all 5, who will each share in a descending proportion of our prize pot.

1st place

G Gordon Worley

2nd place

Ovidiu Dobre

3rd place

Wu Steven

4th place

Adam Bostock

Honorable Contender

SK Lim

I want to personally thank every one of you for your kind and thoughtful responses, and for joining us on this journey. We are humbled by the variety and the quality of the wisdom and suggestions that we received. I hope that we can continue the conversations via our forum.

Thank you for your contribution to what we hope will grow into a very meaningful project for humanity!

With warm and sincere thanks,

–Nell Watson, on behalf of the EthicsNet team.