During Sunday night's live finals competition, our audience and judging panel saw three fantastic presentations. The judges had a really tough job, and ultimately, Team EchoPlan was chosen as the Echovation Challenge 2016 First Place winner! Their presentation about incorporating Doppler flow data and other standard echo data to more accurately size the annulus prior to aortic valve replacement impressed the judges, as it could help eliminate or reduce pre-procedure testing that exposes patients to radiation and other risks. 

Team DiACardio came to Seattle all the way from Israel, and took the second place prize for their presentation about their echo processing software that allows full automation of important echo-derived information, which can speed up workflow. Team TeleHealthRobotics came in a close third for their presentation about using robotic technology to assist in performing transthoracic echo during minimally invasive aortic valve replacement procedures, which could allow echo practitioners to avoid radiation in the cath lab, and also to perform remote exams in rural or underserved areas.

Congratulations again to all three teams! Stay tuned for the announcement of Echovation 2017 very soon!

The Echovation Team