Congratulations to the Top 5 winners, and to all contestants in this Challenge!  The winners in Match #3 of the Differential Privacy Synthetic Data Challenge are:


1-st ($25,000) - 902,307 - rmckenna
2-nd ($15,000) - 870,097 - ninghui
3-rd ($10,000) - 823,512 - privbayes
4-th ($5,000) - 768,802 - gardn999
5-th ($3,000) - 541,494 - manisrivastava


And the progressive prize winners ($1,000 each), already announced earlier, are:



For more details on the final review and scoring, head over to the Topcoder forum

Congratulations to all winners! You are helping NIST grow a diverse community that is maturing into robust solutions.  Your participation in this data challenge is incredibly important…highlighting different approaches that will become the basis for future growth and innovation while helping NIST establish a measurement-based approach to fostering data-driven R&D in this area.  Your involvement with PSCR ensures that this community considers the practical, applied use of differential privacy in public safety applications of the future.