Let us Mine Cancer!
short description
Currently it can take almost a day to map out the human genome, we found out a way to do it faster and analyze cancer genomic case studies
Executive Summary/Problem Statement

Currently we have lots of computational data related to cancer and solving the big problem. However, instead of cancer researchers and biologist solving it, I think the problem lies in the hand of big data developers. This is why I started working on an algorithmic solution utilizing data visualization software such as RapidMiner Studio and/or hadoop extensions to build something unlike anything in the market already.

This is what I done:

Knowing how fast it takes Microsoft to calculate the human genome, I wanted to do something further with some of that data. Many open bio portals have lots of genomic cancer case studies in the public domain, and this is where the inspiration came from. I want to be able to build a cloud repository and create an API that can compress and mine through hundreds of thousands of cancer case studies and visualize the most important ones at once, draw conclusions using MD5 data, and perform experimental analysis.

Challenge Area
Public Health
Solution Impact

The solution impact is coming up with better ways in order to look at genomic case studies and maybe in the future potentially solve fatal diseases.

Description of gigabit capabilities (or potential)

Data mining and big data has capabilities of running faster obviously on a 5G network in comparison to a 4G one. However, people being able to start building data centers that can recursively and regressionally analyze diseases is the future. This is why you have big genomics companies like Tempus out there. I feel like this is the future of medicine. Also if we win, we plan on running this ontop of a decentralized OS we developed in order to better decentralize the genomic data mining process.

Technical Engineering Assistance Requests
Where are you located?
Sterling Heights, Michigan, United States
Affiliation, Company or Organization
Stark Drones Corporation
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18 or older at the time of entry
U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the U.S. or its territories
Affiliated with a US-based, non-profit organization (including educational institutions) or for-profit organization (LLC, etc.)
Not an employee(s) of the District of Columbia Government.

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