Smergency - smart mobile emergency assistance.
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Simple, smart and effective emergency assistance as a mobile application to keep people safe and protected in an emergency.
Executive Summary/Problem Statement

Provides simple, smart and effective emergency assistance. It is a mobile application to keep people safe and protected in an emergency. Emergencies are complicated but staying safe and getting help from Smergency isn't.

Integrating existing services, smart phone capabilities and cloud technologies, Smergency is the go to tool during emergencies, especially for basic and advanced location, medical and life support services.

The service integrates the below features:

  • Emergency navigation via built in GPS or Galileo.
  • Live video via WhatsApp, FaceTime, Skype or Facebook Messenger.
  • Focused emergency contact manager.
  • Telemedicine via remote monitoring and live video chat with a healthcare professional.
  • Safe Zone Sprint - instant mapping to nearest safe zone, avoiding trouble, riots, crime or disaster impacted hot spots.
  • Amazon AWS hosted service and dashboard - key data, resources and communications are orchestrated by AWS hosted service which provides a user friendly display of status, metrics and features.


Key Capabilities

  • Medical
    • Remote Monitoring - observing a disease, condition or one or several medical parameters, even a healthy person needs to establish a baseline before an emergency, including cardiac, hemodynamic, respiratory, respiratory, blood, body temperature.
    • Store-and-forward telemedicine by which a person can instantly share their medical information like lab reports, imaging studies, videos, and other records with a physician, radiologist, or specialist at another location.
    • Real-time telemedicine where a person and health care provider share video conferencing to hear and see each other so a doctor or nurse can talk a person through immediate care remotely.
  • Financial management - integrated solution that takes the worry out of handling cash, credit card, bill payment and emergency loan needs.
  • Navigation - smart navigation to safety including fastest route to emergency services, predefined safe zones or ad hoc destinations.
  • Personal GPS Tracker - loved ones never worry about each other's location and be alerted if they go too far or get lost (geofence).
  • Fast safe - shortest route to a safe zone, avoiding traffic, crime hot spots.
    Emergency manager, public and private individual dashboard - data is automatically analyzed and updated for unlimited people.

Key features are inspired by the below products and services: 

  • MobileHelp Connect
  • Medical Alert by Connect America or MobileHelp Connect
  • VA Telehealth Services
  • AngelSense Kids GPS Tracker
  • Garmin GPSMAP 66st, Handheld Hiking GPS
Challenge Area
Public Health
Public Safety
Solution Impact

The top problem for individuals during an emergency is coordination and logistics. Nobody wants to fumble around figuring out where to go, what to do, how to get there, who to contact. Smergency replaces all that clumsiness with an easy to use under pressure tool.

Time to safety [average time it takes a person to move from danger or medical situation to safety] is dramatically reduced with Smergency.

Description of gigabit capabilities (or potential)

Live sharing of medical and situation video. 

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