Dear Participants,

Clinical trial participation rates for oncology trials sit around 3-5% for adult cancer patients. These numbers need to change for innovative new cancer diagnostics and therapeutics to be approved for use, and for us to be able to make cancer a chronically manageable disease. 

To change these dismal statistics, and to get everyone involved in the process, the Bonnie J. Addario Lung Cancer Foundation (ALCF) launched our crowdsourcing challenge, the Clinical Trials Innovation Prize (CTIP), so that we can collectively and collaboratively effect change. 

We received an overwhelming response from around the world, and after rigorous reviews, the finalists for the Implementation Phase of the ALCF's Clinical Trials Innovation Prize have been announced!

The following 6 individuals/teams, listed below in no particular order, have made it to the next round of the ALCF Clinical Trials Innovation Prize: 

  1. Brian Martin, MD
  2. ClintTrial Refer
  3. Drew Moghanaki
  4. Helynx
  5. Hillary Lin
  6. Samir Housri

These six finalists will now work towards the implementation of their ideas to increase patient accrual to oncology clinical trials in the next 6 months, and showcase their results and data to ALCF's CTIP Judging Panel that will identify the winners for this $150,000 challenge.

During the next 6 months, ALCF will provide all six finalists access to resources, mentorship and guidance they might need to potentiate their success as they go about testing their ideas to increase clinical trial participation numbers. Details will be shared with each individual team shortly. 

Please join us in congratulating the 6 teams on progressing to the next phase of this challenge, and wishing them the very best as we all work collaboratively to improve efficiencies in our clinical trials' ecosystem! 

In the coming months, we will feature each of the 6 teams on this page with details on their projects, and ideas on how everyone can participate and collaborate on these ideas. As you can tell, we are BIG on COLLABORATION! Stay tuned!

If you have ideas, comments and suggestions on how we can improve clinical trial participation, don't hesitate to reach out to Dr. Guneet Walia at We are all ears for innovative ideas that can help us move the needle on patient accrual!

Best wishes,

Addario Lung Cancer Foundation