We are excited to announce the winners from Stage 1 of the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity’s (IARPA) Credibility Assessment Standardized Evaluation (CASE) Challenge!

The CASE Challenge received high quality solutions from a range of solvers from across the globe. In total, we received a total of 27 solutions from competitors, offering creative approaches to evaluate the validity of current and future credibility assessment techniques and technologies. The submissions ranged from low-tech solutions, such as a clever variation on a popular party game, to high-tech solutions using neural networks for testing protocols.

During the months of April and May our esteemed panel of judges took the time to deliberate on the scores of the submissions. Following a rigorous evaluation process, we have come to a decision as to the winners of the Stage 1 Prizes.


Credibility Champions

We are honored to announce three Credibility Champions. These champions are Dr. Joseph R. Stainback IV for his solution of Strategic Cognitive and Mobility Room (SCAMR), Jeremy Martinez, M.D. for his solution of Credibility: Assessing the Assessment (C2A) and the Computer Augmented Social Engagement Lab team (which includes Taylan Sen (Captain), Ehsan Hoque, and Kurtis Haut) for their solution of SPIDER2, congratulations! Each of the solvers provided intriguing and well-crafted solutions.

Being recognized as Credibility Champions means that these solutions had the best overall performance in Stage 1.  As part of their winnings, they move onto Stage 2 of The CASE Challenge where they will pitch their solutions for an opportunity to win additional prizes at the CASE Challenge Workshop on July 18th.

Novelty prizes

Creative Technology: Winner is Lex Fridman for a method with outstanding and innovative use of technology in their solution,Credibility Meta-Assessment with Neural Networks.

Ground Truth:  Winner is Charles McElroy for providing the best method of objectively determining the true state of credibility in their solution, Checkmate Revisited.

Realistic Reflection: Winner is Ilona Palmer for a method with outstanding performance reflecting the parameters of the real-world in their solution, The Purrrfect CAT.

Although Stage 1 of the competition is over, we will continue to provide updates on The CASE Challenge.

Be sure to stay tuned for information about upcoming workshop, exciting news in the field of credibility, details on the solutions presented in Stage 1 and much more! 


Thanks for reading! 


-The CASE Challenge Team 


If you have any questions, please contact the challenge team at CASEChallenge@iarpa.gov.