Coinbase has selected the following winners to share in the $15,000 prize purse of the Buidl the Future of Web 3 Challenge. The winners are:

First Place: $7,000

UnblockReceipts: Web3 pioneers’ accounting aid

By W. Ben Towne

  • In this Dapp, specify one or more transaction hashes/accounts (filterable by date range, e.g. past year) and get a PDF-printable receipt with a live URL you can also bookmark or share with an accountant showing how much (e.g. USD) was spent on gas fees and amounts transferred. Users can enter a tx hash/account number from homepage UI / connected wallets. Developers can easily construct URLs with those parameters & link users to receipts for interacting with new Dapps, adding value quickly.  


Second Place: $5,000

Stackit - Automated Investment & Wealth Management

By Team

  • Stackit is a fully non-custodial, on-chain automated dollar cost average protocol where users can also earn yield on funds waiting to be invested. Partnered with Kyberswap and, Stackit is currently live on BSC and will soon launch on 12+ other chains, allowing users to DCA into their choice of over 25k tokens. Users select a token they want to invest in, input the amount to invest, the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly) and the duration. Once the stream has started we do the rest.


Third Place: $3,000

Spirit: Storage Protection Recovery Tool 

By Team DeSure: Protect your Future with Blockchain

  • Self custody is a responsibility many aren't willing to take.

Spirit’s tech can extract lost funds without third party risk.
Solving the lost funds and inheritance issue will allow for mass adoption of blockchain bringing the full benefits of web3 to the masses.


For next steps, the winners should keep an eye on their inboxes for a message from HeroX or Coinbase about prize payouts. A Coinbase account will be necessary for this transaction, so you can begin gathering your account information if needed.


Congratulations once again to our winners!