Coinbase has selected the following winners to share in the $10,000 of the Blockchain Breakthroughs for a Better Future. The winners are:


  1. $3,500
    Lakota Solar Warriors building a sharing economy, submitted by Red Cloud Renewable
  2. $2,500
    Shortwave Crypto: Worldwide Radio and Blockchain, submitted by Jeremy Martinez
  3. $1,500
    Disrupting the Trillion Dollar College Debt Crisis, submitted by UrbanTXT: Teens Exploring Technology
  4. $750
    A Radically Inclusive Equitable Economy Model, submitted by The Fledge Crypto Ecosystem
  5. $500
    #whatsinyourWA-ter, submitted by the What’s in your WA-ter Team
  6. $250
    ChangeDAO, submitted by the ChangeDAO team

Coinbase Giving Special Awards - $200 each

Financial Inclusion

  • DeSure: Decentralized Insurance, submitted by Yehuda Kirsch's Team


  • Higher Education Audit and Anti-Fraud System, submitted by Tony de Souza-Daw

Environmental Sustainability

  • Rapidly Recyclable Plastic Infrastructure, submitted by Tom Miller

Health Care

  • Digital Dental Ledger, submitted by Walter Orellana

Most Original

  • Securing the Vote with Blockchain, submitted by Michael Ricciardi

We also want to congratulate and celebrate the users who will receive an official Coinbase Challenge NFT for their participation in this challenge! The Judging team was thrilled with the effort and quality of the eligible submissions in this challenge and decided to award NFTs to most of the eligible community.

For all competitors selected for a prize, keep an eye out for further communication from HeroX or Coinbase to coordinate the delivery of your prize(s).

Congratulations once again to our winners!


(Read more about the winning entries here)