First off, we’d like to thank everyone for their patience in awaiting the announcement of winners for this challenge. Judges used the extra evaluation time to explore each submission in depth and enjoyed imagining the potential of the unique and innovative ideas submitted.

After careful consideration, Airbus is thrilled to award the $30,000 prize purse to the following submissions:

$10,000 Prize

  • Airbus Square by Capgemini, from the Netherlands: This winning concept is a hub called Airbus Square that directs passengers to a virtual town square. From here, passengers can experience multiple breakouts to pass the time in a nourishing way, such as immersive sound experiences, social interaction experiences but also features which can reduce the impact of jet lag through virtual lighting cycles as well as entertainment and shopping experiences in an open virtual environment.
    • Judges were impressed with how thought out this submission was and the breadth of possibilities it allowed for. By using some of the characteristics of a Metaverse, Airbus Square is bringing into life new experiences that can be plugged in, turning the 'future of flight' into a brand-new passenger experience. Additionally, this submission gave clear consideration to the activities that are possible and practical in a cabin setting, and provided mitigation strategies for the potential impacts from prolonged AR/VR use.

$5000 Prize Each

  • by Silicon Harlem, from the United States: (referred to as Lollipop) is a blockchain-based platform with a specific focus on NFT (Non-Fungible Token) project where users can purchase a Lollipopp JPG, on Open Sea which will bring the passengers into a travel app that can be used to book, experience and celebrate travel across AR (Augmented Reality), VR ( Virtual Reality) and Metaverses.
  • Memories in the Sky by H. Dhaliwal, from Canada: This concept allows passengers to leave a memento in the sky to mark their presence, similar to locks on a bridge. Each virtual memento would have a selectable avata, picture, video, and will be placed in the sky at a location chosen while in flight. Other’s mementos and memories will be viewable by passengers on future flights while looking out of their window, on their IFE (streaming of outside view with cameras) or personal mobile device but also via their Virtual Reality headset.
  • The Airbus-verse Inflight Solution by Imersifi, from the United Kingdom: This concept is a multiplayer VR environment called Airbus-verse that facilitates entertainment, socializing, and other activities while on flight. After joining with a virtual avatar, passengers are relocated to a virtual hub where they do things like de-stress in relaxing environments, pre-shop at their destination’s duty free store, or play games with other passengers.
  • ELEVATE Metaverse by Brandon EnWezoh, from the United States: Elevate is an interactive and immersive 360-degree virtual reality environment that allows passengers to listen to music, audiobooks, podcasts, or other audio (sensory experiences) while immersing themselves in photo-realistic 3D visuals. The immersive metaverse platform is aiming at optimizing passenger comfort (flight related stress, discomfort, and/or boredom).

Airbus and HeroX would like to thank participants for their time and excitement in participating in this challenge.

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To learn more about the winning submissions, please join us on September 22nd at 11am ET // 5pm CET for the Winners Webinar. Click here to register for the webinar.