The long wait is finally over, and we're excited to announce the Concept Phase winners. We know you're excited to find out if you're on the list, but first (while we have a captive audience) a few additional items.

Big Thanks

On behalf of HeroX and the William Warren Group, we want to extend a HUGE thanks to everyone in this crowdsourcing community. Congrats to you -- because winning aside, you're all pretty awesome just for being involved. 

Prototype Phase

With this announcement of these winners, we also mark the official launch of the Prototype Phase, which is open to everyone, regardless of whether they took part in the Concept Phase. That means even if you didn't submit this round, you still have an opportunity to compete! 

We've also made some important revisions to the challenge, including giving you more time to develop your prototype and removing the discovery of historical documents from your overall time and automation goals. Read about the changes here.



Interested in joining forces for this next phase? We've got a great way for you to do that. You can check out the competitors who entered the Concept Phase right here and see if you have the skills they're looking for. See if anybody is speaking your language (in some cases literally), and you might have a powerful team in the making!  If you'd like to start a conversation, the Forum remains an excellent resource for getting to know each other. (Psst. there's already a couple of people looking for a case you're interested, you can contact them here.)



Concept Phase Winners

The Vreeland Institute - $5,000

  • Aerial Land Survey System - ALSS: Our Aerial Land Survey System (ALSS) provides a comprehensive solution to the challenge of integrating the benefits of unmanned aircraft systems with the practice of land surveying, to add value to traditional fieldwork, while maintaining the highest standards of the profession.

J K - $5,000

  • ATLAS - ALTA Transitional Land Assessment System: Combinatorial use of novel RTK GPS/IMU/ laser angular measurement drones remotely controlled with automated document search and synthesis
  • Willing to merge with another team and looking for expertise in selected technology/capablity providers for drone platforms, remote ctl, image tools. Contact Here.

3 Alarm Mapping - $5,000

  • UAV, 360 GPS Cameras, & AI to improve ALTAs : Create orthomosaic photo of a property from a UAVs and 360 cameras then process the photos using AI to recognize features on the photo which leads to a decrease field collection time and drafting time which saves time and money but still being in the field to comply with the local laws.
  • Willing to welcome another individual onto their team with expertise in deep learning AI programming and photo stitching algorithms programming. Contact Here.

Vũ Quang Thành - $2,500

Jeremy Martinez - $ 2,500

  • Drone-Assisted Intelligent Land (DAIL) Surveying: The DAIL Survey decreases the time and cost of land surveys by using advanced imaging technology to analyze data collected by a remote-controlled drone. Reference discs placed on the ground at desired intervals capture the land contour, while artificial intelligence software produces the map/plat.
  • Willing to welcome a team member with expertise in programming using the IBM Watson Developer Cloud, electrical engineering, imaging and data-mapping. Contact Here.

Chad Balauro - $2,500

  • Centroid: Making land data and attributes available in a single open platform to those involve in real estate transactions wound eventually create automation in an assembly manner.
  • Looking for expertise in PLS, Legal, Python, web technologies, Java, Computer vision, machine learning, deep learning and ai. Contact Here.


And just like that, the Concept Phase comes to a close. Thanks again for your efforts, support, and interest in the Land Survey Automation Challenge. We can't wait to see all of your submissions in the next phase!