Thank you to all ARSX2022 finalists for your well-presented pitches at yesterday's pitch event. 

For those that couldn't tune in to yesterday's Final Event & Awardee Announcement, after a truly close deliberation session, judges selected the following three teams to be awarded a $100,000 prize to further their research and development, in conjunction with the insights gleaned from this experience:

  1. Novel Therapeutic Minibody Production Platform by Joseph Krystel, Michelle Heck, Robert Shatters, Scott Adkins, Matt Ajemian, Krishna Kannan, Marco Pitino, Lauren Shrum
  2. Universal Waste Conversion for Circular Economy by James McManus, Gabriel Patterson, William Hart-Cooper, Bill Orts, Dane McSpedon, Kaj Johnson
  3. Bio-based Chemicals from CO2 and Paper Pulp Waste by Evan Wegener, David Compton, Mike Jackson