We are proud to announce the eight finalist teams in the US Department of Agriculture’s ARSX2022 Challenge -  Innovations for a Circular Economy in Agriculture.

ARSX2022 tasked scientists and researchers to propose high-risk, high-reward ideas that will help to make a paradigm shift from a linear to a circular economy in agriculture.  


The eight finalist teams, in no particular order, are:

  • A System for Waste Recycling and Energy Production, submitted by Philip J Silva
  • Circular Economy Agriculture with Organic Wastes, submitted by Delilah Wood
  • Methane Mitigation via Engineered Microalgae, submitted by Vincent Ricigliano
  • A  Microbial Chill Pill for Poultry Heat Stress, Submitted by Joshua Lyte
  • Novel Therapeutic Minibody Production Platform, submitted by Joseph Krystel
  • Universal Waste Conversion for Circular Economy, submitted by James McManus
  • Biobased Chemicals from CO2 and Paper Pulp Waste, submitted by Evan Wegener
  • Circle of Circle Economy by Nanotechnology, submitted by Sunghyun Nam


The eight finalist teams have several weeks to participate in an innovation forum, refine their ideas, and build out their pitches.  On September 15, 2022, all teams will present their pitches to a panel of judges and an audience of their peers and colleagues. The day will culminate in a live, public virtual event where the judges will award $100,000 each to the top three teams.


Congratulations once again to our finalists!