“Don't Just Teach Them To Fish" Program
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Don’t Just Teach Them To Fish assists Nigerian fish farmers increase income using a digitally supported Fish-Farm-In-A-Box™ technology.
Team Name
Don't Just Teach Them To Fish
Organization/Affiliation (If Applicable)
QSL Development Solutions LLP
Submission Lead (Annual Conference Panelist)
Dr. Emeka Nwankwo and Ronald Greenberg, Principals, QSL Development Solutions will represent the program. Dr. Emeka Nwankwo is an engineer and business development specialist; has a Doctorate in chemical engineering from Columbia University, New York and a Master’s Degree in enterprise development from the Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge, England. He worked at DuPont’s Central Research & Development Division leading projects on business process improvement, and new venture development. He has business experience in trade development, manufacturing process development & management, energy conservation, health care & wellness delivery, process modeling, simulation and optimization, and process simulation software development. His QSL work spans several continents and focuses on developing new businesses in emerging markets. He leads a team of specialists supporting businesses seeking to deploy technologies or expand existing operations, develop new market opportunities, or improve productivity. He is Chairman of Aquada Development Corporation, Ltd. an African manufacturing consortium & President of Vertical Optimization, LLC, a DC business development firm. He was a Senior Visiting Lecturer at the Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University and the GWC Whiting School of Engineering, Johns Hopkins University. He has extensive publications in technical areas and community-based infrastructure/trade development and serves on several boards. He has given major presentations and is a frequent speaker at many international conferences and forums such as the AGOA Forum. Ronald Greenberg has 35 years of international and US development experience, environmental policy development, strategic planning, project design, implementation, and evaluation. He holds a Masters in National Security Strategy, National War College and in Zoology, University of Maryland, and a Bachelor’s in biology, University of Pennsylvania/Wharton. He was a Mission Director to the Baltics and held senior positions in Washington, Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia. His work includes food security, agriculture, economic growth, trade, natural resources development, and environment. He prepared the USG Food Security Policy Guide, co-designed a USAID-IFPRI food security forum for Central America, developed food security programs for Nigeria & other countries, led the design of a Presidential trade initiative for Africa, led the USAID team’s environmental programs in Eastern Europe and international donor investment and capacity development efforts in environment in Eastern Europe. He led the USG design and partnership of the Presidential Baltic American Partnership Fund for civil society development in the Baltics. He has consult for International Food Policy Research Institute, and various consulting companies. Ron has produced or authored over 25 major intergovernmental policy reports for food security, trade, and the environment.
Team Members
Ronald Greenberg, Principal, QSL Development Solutions, LLP
Emeka Nwankwo, Principal, QSL Development Solutions, LLP

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