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What is 80% of what we are comprised of?
What do we need to survive over food?
What do we Lack in diet?
What does the human Spirit need?
Unfold your idea into a story connected to a specific situation (max 5000 characters)
Welcome to WATERLAND (upon an entrance of sea like mist and dust)

You go into a Hospital and you want water. You want to taste it, see it, feel it. You want to drink it. You want to drink it in yellow, green, pink and blue (blue works best as you would associate it with water itself). You want to reach out and touch water with your hands, taste it, grip it sense it. You want to feel the vibration and movement of water in the air. It gives you clarity. You want to feel the wising and lapping of water and feel the flux of its momentum . You want to move with the water, perhaps run by a ground conveyor belt moving through the idea of water. You want to see water in the paintings, tide, movement, time and space, giving creating and receiving water. You want a place where water can be recycled... "Give us your old water and we can send you new water...if you are prepared to wait 20 minutes or so..." the mean time you can enjoy the sensory experience of water.

But you dont just see it like this, you also want ships, boats, sea skies and tides, what you want is a harboring sense of the sea. You want to walk into the hospital like a mariner, someone who has just landed to shore, found their kit and landed safe and sound

You want pirates, fishers and marine life men to sell it to you. And before your very eyes you see them. Stacking and packing wares and discussing business. you see men singing sea shanties in've have never heard such chorus as this. what merriment! Have you then?

You just cant get enough of water and the sea....sure its in our human nature!

Do you need a fix? A replacement for this lost substance!?!

You are finding that need to dig at this fundamental reflex desire
as we all possess it! We call it...water...

We should deploy the current of this idea from the hospital entrance scape

A chance to convey poetry, the arts and independent cinema as such!

Welcome to WATERLAND (upon an entrance of sea like mist and dust)

Yay, it shall be the watery seafarers experience!!!!
How can your idea be implemented? Who can be a partner or supplier in realising it?
The local aquatic center will simply be adapted

Welcome to WATERLAND (upon an entrance of sea like mists, lists and lights)


Take all the research and papers from Seaworld, local museums, local fisheries and department of health....

Take all the marine and oceanography research and papers available...

A simulation and show here will be






*cost effective


But most of all (Wait a minute)...

Grounded in the well-being of children and families

Welcome to WATERLAND
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