Caring touch greeters
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A Caring touch, is someone, who prays with family. They make connection for the family. They make sure that God is with them.
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My husband was dying, and no one from my church could pray or seek God for help. I called on some prayer warriors from another church to come over and pray for him. I did not know what to expect when they came into the room, but I was going to find out. because when those three ladies came into my husband room: The power of God hit me so hard. I felt electricity move from my head to my feet i was lite up. They had brought in the Power of God in i personally had not had a encounter with God like that. My husband blood had become his enemy and the Doctor was no help. The ladies said where is he bleeding? I told them and just like that they said in the name of Jesus. I command all the blood in his body to obey. The name of Jesus and come to order. It did. My husband blood stop hurting him. He did died because God had called him home and my husband wanted to to go home. My ideal is for people need that a person to care and set with them and just pray. God it is our hope that will heal the person, and they will leave the sick room.
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people who have faith in a God the cannot see

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