The magic world of creating reality.
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When a child enters a hospital we want them to continue with their magic world without the interference of illness, pain and worry.
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Children´s world are in a state of magic reality that escapes us all, usually because we forgot that every moment is the important one, not the past or the future. When a child enters a hospital, we want them to continue with their magic world without the interference of illness, pain, and more important, the anxiety and worry of parents and friends that is transmitted to children in a level that parents even with their best efforts cannot hide from them. The goal is to let the children be who they are, distracting them from the unavoidable uncomfortable experiences giving them access to creativity, fun and beauty that must be surround them at all times. Trusting in their innate wisdom and their self reliance will help patients and parents enormously. Also, it is the most important matter to educate the parents and friends. First 10 minutes of their time in the hospital should be an opening to access their trust that will lead to the healing process.
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First impressions Distract kids with fun activities.
Interactive paths PIANO MAT ROADS Walk by with sounds and you have to guess which note has a tickle.
MAZES Find the exit following a sound,place clues on walls, birds sounds, follow scents and find a pet.
The office, a medieval castle with a bridge.
A lazy river, a pond with fishes.
Get kids involved in everything that surround them: decorations of the rooms, beds, wheel chairs; transform them into space ships, trees, monsters, mermaids etc.
Planting seeds, making germinates,
Instal a telescope in the room to see the stars or make a lab.
Science; make them aware of the light, where it comes from, how long takes to come to earth,colors and how we perceived them, the magic of sound, everything is a wonder arounds all. Children knows that intuitively. Kids who cannot move still have their minds to create, help them to realize that as far our imagination goes, there is no limit we can not achieve.

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