The happy H.o.s place & the Magical mystery train
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Hos = Health Open Space; as u enter medical clown+fairy greet u with guiding tablet & lead to magical mystery train on ride 2 healing story
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Hi, its me el, but I have 2tell u story which might interest u; In my building there lives nice girl called Inny. I bumped into her in the elevator &asked listen quick could u please lend me idea 4fantastic children hospital, like no other in the world. U can imagine my surprise when she exclaimed she has just been 2 one. I started 2listen 2her never-ending story about first 10 min there, @some HOS place, as she called it (she might have dreamt it who knows this girl is dreamy that's y I like her), but she was so enthusiastic, almost ecstatic, I couldn't stop her. I had made recording, video, filled booklet, then realized had 2summarize it 4u quick before I forget it.
Here r Inny's vision main points;
1 Right as they entered they were greeted by lovely healing fairy called HealyRy&funny med.clown called Popy who gave them lots of welcome presents, made them feel relaxed& @home& handed them amazing tablet 2show them around& accompany them in the open free space
2 The tablet was multi-functional; A it kept on accompanying them with the same virtual figures of the fairy+clown - even when Popy&Healy went away 2greet other new arrivals
B It had kind of Waze GPS application 2guide them around; first into open space, then into specific med. clinics 2minimize getting lost with wings, stupid lines # & redtape
C It had rather long but fun questioner about Inny's personality, reason 4arrival, likes-dislikes which served 2get2know her better& 2greet her with her name everywhere 2make feel @home. "My name was shinning on me", she said.
D It was used 4mutual introduction Inny2Hos-Hosy2Inny
E it served like visiting card&CC 2open doors+ get records also 2keep in touch 4home treatment &2encourage Inny 2further develop her healing story &2learn about her own health through fun homework+diary
3 Right after giving amazing tablet Healy&Popy guided them 2magical mystery train which took them 2lots of open space places& served as guided tour from which they could get down &reenter as they like along stations. She said her cabin could change into a car like citycitybangbang that could sail&fly, a wheelchair or bed &also wooden horse like in amusement park, I think she made it up. Anyway she& mum mat lots of kids in train& made friends
4 There were many stations like: café with lots of health juices+organic cakes &shakes
Hugging corner with pets +recovering kids, herb garden where u could make your own fresh T, playrooms, family rooms where u could sit with relatives+friends 4Play-share, yard of kits &colorful bubbles turning into flying whistling realemon candies &shrine of yoga-meditation-tai-chi, pouffe salon, public kitchen where families could make health salads&soups, toy hall &many more
5 From all the stations, Inny liked best Readme Lib. Temple which was really cultural multimedia center that got kids introduced 2stories classical &new presented in every form like print, kindle on the personal tablet, puppet theater, song-music-dance, cinema, storytellers, interactive applications, whatever u could dream of, she said which made me bit suspicious less she made it all, but anyway...
Inny said she liked it cause A it was all over the Hosy as they hanged posters &illustrations &even hologram virtual visuals on walls &asked her 2help paint &color &decorate as all pic had 2b seen from train windows
B it was everchanging as each month they choose another story of their fancy
C All kids &personal staff took part in story in customs &interactivity
D The stories were so interesting she was inspired 2take part +selfypic with Harry Potter which she showed me as a hard proof- mind u in case u find it hard 2believe
E Stories were from different periods so she could connect with her mum, grandma +Docs &nurses who were so thrilled 2 reread Dickenes& Andersen.
F Stories were encouraging 2learn about health+ improve her wellbeing. I thought it sounds like bibliotherapy, but she insisted it was ocean of stories like she once read in book. I have no idea if she dreamt it, or just invented-imagined Hosy, but anyway I felt it might bcool 2share with u
PS stories came with workshops like how 2make healthy bitter chocolate or how to grow fruits& veggies in rainbow colors or how2 create health fairies &play with wellbeing angels. In addition they had game in which they play hidden guarding angels of each other& treat pets +kids with help of real nurses.
How can your idea be implemented? Who can be a partner or supplier in realising it?
Any person (especially children&mothers) but also Co of goodwill could offer helping hand as it is an ongoing project with never ending feedback.The most important contributors r children themselves who will be asked 2add their ideas so that this competition will remain open 4them, The same goes in regards 2 family& friends during their visits.The 'new idea factory' is part of the Hos project& integral part of the healing narrative as the effort 2make Hos better place is part of the healing story. Lets take 4example gadget startups, or wooden toy studio, homemade chocolate, or organic candy factory, animator,dancers& artists, musicians& illustrators, children's book authors& educators, alternative healers,story tellers, puppet theaters, balloon producers, they are all most invited 2share &b active members, as well as museums, parks, train co. zoos, volunteer org., art schools, health-food stores, organic farms- they all can make it happen.The idea is fun place that makes all healthy
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