Super Hero Hospital
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I know many kids love super heros and characters. It would be awesome to have people dress up as characters with and surprise kids in need.
Unfold your idea into a story connected to a specific situation (max 5000 characters)
To make hospitals fun for kids, it would be amazing for people to dress up as characters and surprise kids. Also, if I were in the hospital, I would love if a famous athlete or actor came and said hi to me. I've heard of people doing this before, and it really makes me feel happy. One other thing that I think is awesome, is that a window-washer at a hospital dressed up as Spider Man and while washing windows, he surprised kids who aren't doing well. That is really cool and I hope it encourages people to do more things like that.
How can your idea be implemented? Who can be a partner or supplier in realising it?
If I won this challenge it would first of all mean the world to me, and second of all I would expand on it by talking to hospitals and encouraging them to dress up and make kids happy. Also I would really encourage athletes and other famous people to reach out to hospitals and ask if they can visit kids who aren't doing well.

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