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Children become happy when they see animals, toys, swing and forget their sorrows and illness when connected to such things.
Unfold your idea into a story connected to a specific situation (max 5000 characters)
My Little child got influenza and was very upset from night and did not allowed us to sleep.At morning, he start crying without any reason. i was ready to the Situation.i told him that we will go outside for a visit.He became happy and start smiling.i picked him in the car and went outside.on the way to the Hospital i bought some eatables and toys to him.he was feeling much relaxed and happy.on the way we were passing by there was an amusement park, here is a little zoo.we entered here and spend a little time with cute animals.Later we visited the doctor.and returned back to the home.on the whole journey he was OK and was not upset.
sorry for poor story and poor English
How can your idea be implemented? Who can be a partner or supplier in realising it?
i think there is no need of a big Budget. Swing vehicles or little toy car be Locally manufactured.
Reception personnel can be hired to receive the child patient and carried in special swing or children cars.
on the way to doctor, there should be a little Zoo, on both side of the way that children can watch the animal and can stay for a while to play with.
If gifts are arranged and those who entered into the hospital are welcomed with little toys and allowed to play then it will be better to make them feel good.

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